Get fit for life

PUBLISHED: 01:16 22 October 2011 | UPDATED: 21:39 20 February 2013

Get fit for life

Get fit for life

Is your life so busy and stressful that you never have the time to think about yourself, your health or the impact that poor health may have on your family, your business or your future?

Is your life so busy and stressful that you never have the time to think about yourself, your health or the impact that poor health may have on your family, your business or your future?

For many people the realisation that all is not well with their health or wellbeing can come too late to prevent illness. One way to ensure that you are healthy is to make sure that you are looking after yourself.

There are four basic elements that the body requires to function well.

These are:
Physical activity or exercise
Stress management

A good diet should consist of a healthy balance of:

Proteins from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, beans and nuts to provide building materials for the growth and repair of tissue, a key part of every cell in the body

Carbohydrates from breads, cereals and fruits to provide fuel for energy

Fats from meats, dairy products and some plant sources which are a component of cell structure in the body and sources of vitamins, which combine with proteins to make certain hormones and provide energy

Water isnt usually thought of when you think of nutrition, but it is vital to your health. It is required for digestion and absorption of food, regulate body temperature and blood circulation and it also helps the kidneys remove toxins and other waste.

Physical activity helps to improve: muscle and bone strength, joint and muscle flexibility, endurance and stamina and balance and co-ordination, while sleep gives the body chance to build and repair itself. A lack of sleep can have an impact on your health and energy levels.

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes and the definition of stress includes mental stress, physical stress and combinations of both. An overload of stress can impact on your sleep, eating and health.

A healthy way of living can help to prevent many illnesses and diseases, but cant always guarantee that your body is fit and healthy. Many conditions can be prevented or detected at an early stage through screening or testing.

Why leave your health to chance when simple and routine tests can identify problems in time to make a difference?

There are many places available where you have the opportunity to discuss your medical concerns with specially trained health professionals who will assess your risk from detailed tests, analysis of personal and family history and other factors and give you important advice that may help to prevent disease in the future or to identify existing problems at an early enough stage to facilitate treatment and improve outcome.

A health assessment will give you up to an hour with both a trained health assessor and doctor exploring your medical issues and symptoms, performing tests, analysing blood and urine samples, full examination, detailed lifestyle advice and in-depth management of any medical problems.

You will have the opportunity to discuss concerns, investigate the state of your health through tests and examination and receive a comprehensive report including your results, detailed advice tailored to your needs and, where necessary, a medical action plan. n

Bupa Wellness, Spire South Bank Hospital, 139 Bath Road, Worcester.


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