Katie Johnson - November

PUBLISHED: 16:32 19 October 2011 | UPDATED: 20:09 20 February 2013

Katie Johnson - November

Katie Johnson - November

I do like it when you read a headline that declares: "Chocolate is as good as exercise"

I do like it when you read a headline that declares: Chocolate is as good as exercise. To be honest, its probably better not to read on from that point and just savour the moment. Why Im even considering the dark stuff I dont know as Ive recently looked in the wardrobe and found it full of absolutely nothing to wear, made worse by the fact that some friends are getting married this month, so a trip to Hereford and fitting room mirrors! They would be better with the ones you get at fairgrounds and why is there a bra design called Balcony does this move to Bungalow, Decking, and Basement as you get older?

Then it was my regular trip to Leominster to get my roots done but, this time, the streets were full of people with clipboards (to which I have an aversion). Not sure if there is a collective name for clipboards, but I know there were six of them in a matter of 100 yards! The town had been invaded by street fundraisers and seeing as it was the topic of conversation in every shop I visited, it appears another lot had been there the day before. Please dont get me wrong, Im all for charity but its a personal thing, not something I want to discuss in the street. I like Leominster with its pretty little cottages surrounding The Priory, free parking, a fabulous independent toy shop and its good to see new business coming in as well. My sister met the lovely lady who has recently taken over an antiquities shop on Broad Street, she was chatting to her when a gentleman came in saying he was looking for a small chest weve a similar sense of humour so you can imagine the response!

Will we get the snow and temperatures that we did this time last year? If we do, I may become drawn to thermal underwear, especially when we live with what must be the happiest Golden Retriever youll ever meet, many a time the wagging of her tail has seen me reach for a cardie. Were already feeding hay to the cows and sheep, the cockerel appears to be suffering from insomnia, although hell be suffering a lot worse than that if he carries on.

Staying with all things rural, I caught up with two of the hardest working women in the county but did manage to get Cathy Meredith and Christine Hope to sit down, all be it briefly, while at The Bunch of Carrots in Hampton Bishop. We were chatting about Herefordshire Rural Hub and the fabulous work they do supporting rural businesses and its free to be a member. They organise various events and to give you an idea, they have one on orchard management this month at Eardisley.

Can you believe it is 20 years this month since Terry Waite was released from Lebanon having been held a prisoner for 1763 days, the first four years of which were in solitary confinement. Hes a lovely gentleman who I had the pleasure of interviewing a few years ago when he was in the county and hes such an inspiration. Which is something I could do with at the moment, Ive a dress, boots to go with it and a chunky something or other to go around my neck, all I need to do now is lose three stone in a week so Ive turned to Rosemary Conley, and what do I read, shes just admitted on Twitter to eating a Magnum my kind of woman!

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