Katie Johnson's February Diary

PUBLISHED: 14:43 19 January 2011 | UPDATED: 20:42 20 February 2013

Katie Johnson's February Diary

Katie Johnson's February Diary

Writer, broadcaster, public speaker and compère Katie Johnson lives on a smallholding in north Herefordshire

How much nicer would February be if we called it Cake Month like the Anglo Saxons did? Lets be honest, its been a long winter and theres only so much Evening Primrose Oil can do. Having said that, not long to go until spring. Once you see snowdrop walks advertised you know its time to get out there and be sociable again. Whether its Weir Gardens at Swainshill or Ivy Croft at Ivington Green with more than 150 different varieties, its an excuse to enjoy our countryside.

Good job Ive gone and ordered myself a brand new pair of wellies that promise to keep my feet warm instead of maintaining them at below freezing. Theyre the most expensive pair Ive ever bought, but Ive had enough of cold extremities. Plus the fact I found out the other half has been squeezing his feet into my boots when he cant be bothered to put his shoes on to pop outside, so Ive chosen a pair in vivid pink to sort him out!

Something Ive noticed on my travels is that our villages and towns offer some fantastic suggestions for an actor looking for a stage name. How good are Mansell Gamage, Preston Wynne, Stanford Bishop and Moreton Jeffries? Not to feel left out, we can all have an alter ego by using our mums maiden name alongside that of our first pet. Mine comes out as Thumper Mallinson, which doesnt really have the same ring, does it?

Can you believe that this month marks the 40th anniversary of us going decimal? That makes this happy girl suddenly feel very old, and yes its that time again girls, Valentines Day. Last year I went out with a pal of mine couple of days before the 14th, for her birthday. Once we were seated, the waiter asked if wed like to see the Valentine Menu. I know were close, but...

Many local societies will be performing their pantomimes across the county, slightly different in Bromyard as The Conquest Theatre hosts Roald Dahls James and the Giant Peach. Its a lovely little theatre, all run by volunteers and they really look after you. We saw local group The Misers there last year for their homecoming gig as the lead singer/songwriter Neil Ivison comes from Stoke Lacy. If youve not come across them, they are fantastic and their album Amplified Life Stories is well worth having a listen to, and co-produced by Tom Oliver, Mr Cider and Perry from Ocle Pychard another good stage name.

Looks like the film 127 Hours is a must-see too, based on the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston and his incredible feat to save himself after being trapped by a fallen boulder in the middle of nowhere. I might have to look away though, as Im not very good when body parts arent where they should be. Bit like when the annual Mud Runner takes place at Eastnor Castle. Lots of cold exposed thighs on display as people choose to cycle and run in the wet mud. Im due to wash my hair that day, but good luck to all involved, including Dave our postman.

Heres also to The Wizard of Oz opening in the West End with Danielle Hope (who won BBC TVs Over the Rainbow) alongside the rather lovely Michael Crawford. And we should see the very last space shuttle flight of Discovery this month, the last but one before the programme is phased out. With all that gear they have to wear, maybe producers from our farmers markets could wrap up like that to keep warm. I dont know how stallholders do what they do in the weather weve had. This is why we should have Cake Month, so not only can we support them, but seeing as theyre sold without any nutrition facts, they must be calorie free!

Writer, broadcaster, public speaker and compre Katie Johnson lives on a smallholding in north Herefordshire.

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